Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple (Mandir) London
Affiliated to Nar Narayan Dev Temple Bhuj

Daily Darshan

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Opening times

Opening Closing Aarti Time
Mon - Sun [Morning] 06:30 AM 11:30 AM 09:30 AM
Mon - Fri [Evening] 03:30 PM 08:00 PM 06:30 PM
Saturday [Evening] 03:30 PM 08:00 PM 05:45 PM
Sunday [Evening] 03:30 PM 08:00 PM 04:30 PM

Please note that on festival days the times may vary. Please contact the Temple if you need more information

Shikshapatri Shlok

They shall according to ability and time, hoard grain and money to meet their requirements. If they keep cattle they shall conserve fodder for them. |141|

અને તે ગૃહસ્‍થ સત્‍સંગી તેમણે પોતાના સામર્થ્ય પ્રમાણે સમયને અનુસરીને જેટલો પોતાના ઘરમાં વરો હોય તેટલા અન્‍ન દ્રવ્‍યનો સંગ્રહ જે તે કરવો અને જેના ઘરમાં પશુ હોય એવા જે ગૃહસ્‍થ તેમણે પોતાના સામર્થ્ય પ્રમાણે ચાર પૂળાનો સંગ્રહ કરવો. |૧૪૧|

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Wednesday, 17th of October
Saraswati Poojan
Thursday, 18th of October
Navratri Ends
Friday, 19th of October
Vijya Dashmi
HH 1008 Acharya Shree Koslendra Prasadji Maharaj - Birthday
Saturday, 20th of October
Pashankrusha Ekadashi Fast
Tuesday, 23rd of October
Sharad Poonam
Wednesday, 24th of October
Mukutotsav Poonam
More events

Vaman Jayanti

Jay Shree Swaminarayan

Tomorrow is the auspicious day known as Vaman Jayanti. Although it has been annouced that tomorrow is a half day fast, our saints have informed us in saying it is a full day fast and have also given us a scriptural reference.

Thank you

Maths Classes

Jay Shree Swaminarayan,

If you are studying GCSE or A-Level Maths, we are providing Maths classes to give you any extra support you need. Based on this year's results for both GCSE and A-Level Maths, 75% of students got between A - A* and 100% got between A* - C.

If you are interested, join us on Saturdays in the Ghanshyam Education Building from 3pm to 5pm. The class is completely free of cost, run by our volunteers so please feel free to take advantage.

If you have any questions or queries, please email:

Shree Krishna Janmashtmi

07:00PM to 08:00PM: Raas utsav followed by Aarti

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It's that time of year again, Shravan Vad Atham on Monday 3rd September. Come and join us to celebrate the birth of Shree Krishna. Let us all enjoy the night by playing raas and dandia raas.

According to the legends, the birth of Lord Shree Krishna took place under extraordinary circumstances. Lord Shree Krishna was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who came to the world to get rid of demons. He was born at midnight on a dark, rainy night to Devaki and Vasudev who had been imprisoned by Devaki's brother Kansa. It had been foretold that the eighth son of Devaki would kill the evil king Kansa...

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ARE YOU THE ONE? Rise Above The Rest - Shibir 2018

Yuvatis: 7th - 11th August 2018
Yuvaks: 11th - 15th August 2018

You're The One Getting bored at work? No promotional opportunities? Looking for a new challenge? Time for a new job? Sahajanand Sinhs have created a vacancy for a Personal Assistant which promises to challenge you in new ways. Sahajanand Sinhs believe in training and nurturing the upcoming generation, as well as, making the work environment a happy and enjoyable place. Sahajanand Sinhs are looking for a highly motivated, talented and committed Personal Assistant to support the Senior Management team.

We are looking for a person who is:

  • Ambitious, motivated and energetic
  • Ability to work as part of a team and independently
  • Precise in their work
  • Carry out duties with love
  • Creative and can think outside the box

Do you possess these qualities? Book your place to our 5 day selection programme.

Be the One!

Click on the poster for more details. Download the form here.

Lunar Eclipse

Jay Shree Swaminarayan

This is to inform that the upcoming scheduled lunar eclipse will take place in the UK on Friday 27th July from 19:24 to 23:19, No Food to be permitted from 10:13 In the morning until after the eclipse.For Kids, elderly & the sick they can stop eating at 17:58 in the evening

Thank you

SLC 2018

9:00AM to 5:00PM;

SSYM Harrow are back hosting SLC again after 10 amazing years of SLC so far. Plans are on the way to making this one of the best events so far. Save the date Sunday 22nd July.

The SLC 2018 theme is Together As One meaning this event will be for the whole family to come and enjoy. Whether it's for participating in sports or just enjoying the atmosphere, beautiful weather or the delicious food menu we have planned for you.

On the day we have activities for all ages, from young children to activities for over 40's, and everything in between.

Adhik Maas 2018


The special month of Purushottam/Adhik Maas is a very spiritual time and is considered as the Happy Hour of satsang. Any devotion and seva done during this time is multiplied.

During this time, we have a Purushottam Prakash katha this week reciting by our Bhuj Santos.

The Yajmans for this katha are our Female devotees who have done selfless seva throughout the years. Mahaprashad will be provided on Friday & Saturday evening followed by an Bhajan night on Saturday. We also have a Mahapooja on Sunday morning to top off the eventful week.

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