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Ghanshyam Bal Lila

The Curse of Durvasa

Lord Shree Nar-Narayan was seated in an assembly of rushis in Badrikashram. The Rushis and saints described to the Lord about cruelty, violence, and wicked behaviour that had spread on earth. The saints who told the Lord that people had abandoned their religious duties.

Hearing this, everyone in the assembly came to tears. Lord Narayan consoled them and said, "Do not cry, I will destroy all wicked actions and establish path of righteousness (Dharma). There will be victory for the good over evil."

The Lord was explaining the importance of religion and everyone was fully engrossed in hearing his speech. Meanwhile, Durvasa Muni arrived there from Kailash, with the desire to see Lord Nar-Narayan. He stood behind group of saints, with the hope of a warm welcome, but no one noticed him. Durvasa Muni felt insulted and became very angry and gave a curse to everyone present in the assembly. "You all will be born as humans on earth, suffering from wicked men because you have insulted me."

Hearing this, everyone became very shocked and saddened. Dharma Dev and others stood up and bowed down to Durvasa Muni. Dharma Dev asked for forgiveness. Durvasa Muni felt sorry and sympathetic. Then he said, "My curse will not be in vain. Lord Narayan will be born as Dharma Dev's son and will protect you from despair." Durvasa Muni returned to his abode. Lord Narayan announced, "This happened by my own desire."

This is the beginning of Lord Narayan's Life as Ghanshyam.

The Birth of Ghanshyam Maharaj

The auspicious moment as the birth of Ghanshyam Maharaj approached. On 2nd April 1781 (Chaitra-shud-navmi, Samvat 1837) at 10.10pm here Ghanyshyam Maharaj was born in the house of Bhaktimata and Dharmadev in Chhappaiya, a village in northern India. We also know this date a Ram Navmi as it is also Lord Ram's birthday.

Bhaktimata was fast asleep and the bright light around from the child woke her up. Bhaktimata's eyes were dazzled. After some time, she saw the Lord in midst of the rays of light. He wore fine golden clothe, had a silver flute in his hands, and his head was dressed with a crown of feathers from a peacock. Bhaktimata was very surprised at having experienced such a divine vision of the beloved God. She became very happy to see such a beautiful smiling face. With such hearty emotions, Bhaktimata said, "Lord Shree Krishna Himself is born as my son." This gave her immense pleasure.

Hearing her praises He happily said, "Mother, now you do not need to worry, this is my real form as the Supreme Lord."

On seeing the bright lights, Dharmadev arrived. When he saw the Lord as a child in his house, he immediately remembered the promise Nar Narayan Dev had made to him. He felt very contented. He thought, "Soon there will be happiness on earth."

All the people of Chhappaiya heard that Lord has been born. There was joy and happiness everywhere in the village. Deities showered flowers from the sky. Peace was experienced in the minds of saints and all good people.

Everybody became overjoyed with the divine vision of God. He was given the name of Ghanshyam, because of His cloud like skin colour.

Everybody wanted a glimpse of Ghanshyam. The house of Dharmadev became a place of pilgrimage. They all celebrated the birth of Ghanshyam. The people danced and sang:

"Dharma gera Ananda bhayo, Jay bolo Ghanshyam ki…
Chhapiya me Lal bhayo, Jay bolo Ghanshyam ki…
Bhakta ke bhagwan bhayo, Jay bolo Ghanshyam ki…
Hati Ghoda Palki, Jay bolo Ghanyshyam ki…"