Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple (Mandir) London
Affiliated to Nar Narayan Dev Temple Bhuj

Ghanshyam and Krityas

The people of Chhappaiya were delighted by God's birth. Various deities came regularly to have darshan of Ghanshyam.

On the other hand, all of the demons were confused and afraid of this divine child. A demon called Kalidatta was worried and afraid because of God's birth. He called a meeting of all the demons and evils, ordered them to find a way with which they could kill this divine child (Ghanyshyam).

One of the demons came up with an idea to kill Ghanshyam. He said, "If we want to destroy Him, we have to send krityas (wicked, devil women. They will bring Him out of the house and then we will kill Him." All of the demons agreed to this idea.

After the third day of Ghanshyam's birth, the krityas, with fearsome dresses and sharp teeth, approached Bhaktimata. They violently snatched Ghanshyam from her hands and ran away. Bhaktimata was terrified and lost her consciousness. The krityas went towards the east carrying Ghanshyam. When Bhaktimata woke up, she realised what had happened and she started to shout aloud, "Help me, my son was taken away by the devils!"

Hearing her crying, weeping, and wailing, Rampratapjibhai, the elder brother of Ghanshyam, and others went to Badrikashram. Dharmadev also came back home. It was midnight, the people asked one another about the devils, but no one dared to go after them in the darkness.

While the krityas were carrying Ghanshyam in their hands, His body glowed with bright divine light. The krityas couldn't stand the divine light. In addition Ghanshyam increased His body weight so the krityas couldn't carry Him any longer. They put Him down on the ground and started dancing around Him and chanting, "Beat Him! Beat Him! Eat Him! Eat Him!".

Bhaktimata started praying to their Kul-dev (Hanumanji) for help. Hanumanji appeared promptly and asked what had happened. After listening to the story, he went after the krityas. When they herd his fearful shout, the krityas began to run away, as all devils and demons are afraid of Hanumanji.

Hanumanji took a long jump and caught them. He overcame the krityas by kicking, punching and grabbing their hair and forcefully throwing them to the ground. When they were half-dead and spiritless like corpse, they begged, "Oh, Hanumanji! Please free us from your crutches!" we promise never to come back to this village again!"

He then let them go and the krityas ran away as fast as they could. Hanumanji bowed down to Ghanyshyam and gently picked Him up with both hands and carried Him home.

Bhaktimata was delighted when she saw Hanumanji with Ghanshyam and offered him many fruits and sukhadi (matar), Hanumanji's favourite sweet. She also presented him with a garland of Akada flowers.

Hanumanji was pleased and promised Bhaktimata, "Call me whenever you are in great trouble and I will be there to serve Ghanshyam." Having said this, he disappeared.