Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple (Mandir) London
Affiliated to Nar Narayan Dev Temple Bhuj

Markanday Muni Names Ghanshyam

The people of Chhappaiya named the divine child Ghanshyam because he looked like the colours of the cloud but Dharmadev wasn't satisfied with this name. He wanted a great astrologer to name the divine child.

One day, Rishi Markanday came to Chhappaiya. Dharmadev welcomed him with a garland of flowers and said politely "by your arrival here my house has become holy", and he asked "I request you to find a good name for my child in accordance with his rasi (a sign of zodiac)."

Markanday Muni opened his astrology book, and studied the planets and constellations, at the birth time of Ghanshyam. After thinking for a while, the Muni said, "Your child is born in Kark Rasi, so his name will be Hari. He looks the colours of the cloud and was born in the month of Chaitra, so he will also be known as Krishna. By joining these two names, we can also call him Hari-Krishna".

After reading Bal Ghanshyam's palms, Markanday Muni said "O Dharmadev, you are very lucky. Supreme Lord himself has descended in your family. His name will spread throughout the universe".

After describing Ghanshyam's virtues, Markanday Muni saw a vision. In his vision, Supreme Lord blessed him. Markanday Muni was contented and set out for pilgrimage.