Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple (Mandir) London
Affiliated to Nar Narayan Dev Temple Bhuj


In Junagadh there is a dungar (Mountain) which was called Girnar, where there are pagla's of Dattatrey Bhagwan who was an avatar of God. He had made 24 gurus. There are 10,000 steps to climb to reach up the mountain.

Nilkanth Varni was doing His vanvichraan and HE went upto the mountain to bless the pagla's (footsteps) of Dattatrey Bhagwan. HE visited the mountain and now it's a Tirth place and so every1 goes there to do darshan.

When He came down from the mountain, He went to Dharmadas's Dharmasala wherever there lived lots of bawas. Maharaj sat at one place but one Bawo came and made Him stand up, He went to sit somewhere else, and again He was asked to stand up. This happened 7 times and Maharaj without saying anything left from there. The Bawa's didn't even give Him food to eat. However one of the Bawo's who was 40years old realised that so much Tej was coming from His face and realised that He was somebody great. He therefore followed Varniraj and never uttered a word. And He felt a pity for Maharaj because He was Hungry and He didn't get food to eat.

Varniraj came to a village where there was Hakeshwar Mahadev's mandir and gave Mahadev darshan. The pujari's name was Nagar Brahman and he called the bawo and gave him shiro and puri to go give Varniraj to eat.

Varniraaj offered the food to His Shaligram after which He gave some to the bawo and some to the pujari. The pujari was so pleased that he met Maharaj and was blessed.

Then bawo asked Varniraj ke tame mane ava ne ava darshaan apya rhakjo. Then both of them separated.

Bawo did jaap chanting Nilkanth Nilkanth Nilkhanth for 10 years. After 10 years, he went to look for Nilkanth to find out where He was. Bawo came to Gujrat and asked somebody where Nilkanth was. He was told that now Nilkanth is known as Swaminarayan Bhagwan. He started chanting Nilkanth Swaminarayan, Nilkanth Swaminarayan. Then bhawo came to Gadhada at Dada Kachar's place at 9.30 at night. He started chanting Nilkanth Swaminarayan, Nilkanth Swaminarayan.

Sabha was going on with Santo's and Maharaj. Then Maharaj asked the Santo's to continue and He left the sabha. He asked Damodar Bhagat of Ahemdavad to escort Him with a Mashal to give some light as in the olden days there was no lights.

He went to see the bawo. Maharaj on seeing Him gave Him a big hug.

The bawo asked ‘yeh Nilkanth Swaminarayan ka sthaan he?' Then Maharaj said yes.

He told Damodar Bhagat to take bawo inside and bathe him and make him wear new clothes. After bawo was ready, Maharaj gave Him shiro and puri. Remember that is what Maharaj was offered 10 years back. Same Maharaj offered to bawo.

Then bawo asked Maharaj, who is Nilkanth Swaminarayan? Then Maharaj said it is me. After hearing this, the bawo hugged Maharaj immediately. He was so happy.

Maharaj told the bawo to go and sleep as he was tired. He went to sleep. Damodar bhagat went to his room and found that the bawo had passed away. He went to tell Maharaj of the incidence.Maharaj told Damodar bhagat that he is responsible for the funeral rite.

Damodar bhagat prepared everything and the funeral of the bawo was done and Maharaj sent him to dhaam.