Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple (Mandir) London
Affiliated to Nar Narayan Dev Temple Bhuj

Punishment of Kotara

After having been defeated by Hanumanji, the frightened kritya went straight to Kalidatta. They told him what had happened in Chhappaiya. Kalidatta became very angry and both of his eyes glowed red with anger. He called Kotara, who was the most dangerous person with evils powers, Kalidatta ordered Kotara, "Go to Chhappaiya and kill Ghanshyam immediately."

Kotara said, "O King, I will go to Chhappaiya and kill Ghanyshyam immediately." Kotara was evil looking, like a fierce bull. Her hair was very long and curly. She wore a garland of skulls around her neck and had sharp weapon in her hands

She came to Chhappaiya and hid behind Dharmadev's house. Ghanshyam was only six days old. Everybody was busy celebrating Ghanshyam's chatti.

Kotara saw that no one was looking after Ghanshyam, she rushed to Ghanyshyam's cradle to kill Him. The divine lights from Ghanyshyam's eyes threw her away. Blood came out of her mouth and her weapon flew away. Kotara shouted screaming and shouting as the divine light from Ghanshyam's eyes burnt her body as she came to her death.

The people heard the noises and gathered around. The sight of Kotara's body frightened them. Dharamadev started to recite the Narayan Kavach. They picked up Kotara's monstrous body and cremated it.

Everyone realised that Ghanshyam was not an ordinary child, but Supreme Lord Himself.