Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple (Mandir) London
Affiliated to Nar Narayan Dev Temple Bhuj

Balprabhunu Parakram

There lived a demon named Kalidatt; he was the leader of sinners. He came to know that God had taken birth at Dharmadev's house. All the demons were confused and afraid of this divine child, as was Kalidatt.

Early in the morning, he called a meeting and ordered all the demons to find a way that they could kill this divine child. On hearing this all the demons started to think, then one of the demons came up with the idea. He said "We can send the Kritya's (wicked, devil women). They will bring him out of the house and then kill him." The Kritya's were as black as charcoal with red-hot eyeballs, long sharp teeth and ugly faces. They made scary screams as they ran towards Dharmadev's place. They approached Bhaktimata and violently snatched Ghanshyam who was only 3 days old, from her hands and ran away. Bhaktimata started to shout "Help me, my son has been taken away by the devils!" hearing her crying Rampratapji and others went to Bhaktimata, it was midnight and very dark so no one dared to go after the Kritya's.

While being carried by the Kritya's, Ghanshyam glowed with bright divine light. The Kritya's couldn't stand the bright light. Also He increased his body weight so that the Kritya's couldn't carry him any more, and had to put him down. The Kritya's started to dance around him and chanted "Beat him! Eat him!"

Bhaktimata started praying to their Kul-Dev Shree Hanumanji for help. Hanumanji appeared and after hearing their story went after the Kritya's. When they saw him coming they ran away as they were afraid of Hanumanji. Hanumanji leaped and caught the demons. He got hold of the demon's hair and tied it to his tail, which he started to hit on the ground with great force. When they became helpless, they begged to Hanumanji "Please forgive us, we promise never to step in Chhappaiya again." Hanumanji let them go and they ran away as fast as they could.

Hanumanji bowed to Ghanshyam, gently picked Him up and brought Him back to Chhappaiya and handed him to Bhaktimata. On receiving Ghanshyam, Bhaktimata gave Hanumanji fruits, Sukhadi (Matar his favourite sweet) and a flower garland. Bowing to her, He said, "Your son is truly an incarnation of God, and I am his devotee. When need arises call me and I shall be present at once." Having said this he disappeared.

The frightened Kritya's returned to Kalidatt and told him what had happened. On hearing this Kalidatt became angry and sent his biggest demon Kotara to kill Ghanshyam. Kotara was evil looking; her hair was long and curly and had long sharp nails.

She went and hid behind Dharmadev's house. Ghanshyam was only 6 days old so everyone was busy celebrating His Chatti. She waited until Ghanshyam was alone and went to him to kill him. The divine light from Ghanshyam's eyes made her move back. Blood started coming out of her mouth and she started burning as soon as Ghanshyam's eyes saw her and fell dead on the ground. On seeing this Dharmadev, Bhaktimata and the other people got frightened. They picked up Kotara's monstrous body and cremated it.

Everyone realised that Ghanshyam was not an ordinary child, but the Supreme Lord Himself.